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Episode 1: "Firsts"


Monty faces scrutiny over his “firsts”. From his international debut to his first kiss. The Specialist Fielders hear his most memorable experiences, ranging from showers with Flintoff, to what happened on that Mastermind appearance, and all about his massive hands! #MontyPod

Apple Podcasts - https://apple.co/2YdrHe3

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/episode/1a9t2eYihyauxbTpN12577?si=tN-B5zs4Q-uFgilLkYJP6Q

Episode 2: "Montymind"

Monty is quizzed on his cricket career and personal life. Panesar shares his views on ball tampering, skittling the West Indies, WWE wrestling, and of course we get to hear more impressions! #MontyPod

Apple Podcasts - https://apple.co/31b4Rpk
Spotify- https://spoti.fi/3dwdgWJ

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