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Man Convinces Family That Local Cricket Went Ahead To Explain Extra-Long Walk

Desperate for time away from his family, local man walks out of his house dressed in full cricket whites to trick family into thinking he was playing cricket. Despite persistent questioning, family members were satisfied when they were notified that all players stay more than 2 meters away throughout the match.

In a sensational twist there have been no wickets, nor runs in the second weekend of the 2020 cricket season. Village batsmen across the nation are jubilant as they get off the mark by adding a "not out" to their tally for the first time ever in April. Opening bowlers are distraught after their local wicket currently resembles a minefield.

Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that I have still faced a disciplinary measure from the league for comments I've made on twitter regarding the incident at the 2019 charity match. I would like to make it as clear as possible, I do not apologise for any of the comments that were made. I mean all of them.

Still no cricket, sorry! In the meantime you can see the funny quiz to see what type of village cricketer you are! Loose bloke? Clubman? Badger? Let us know by liking our Facebook page and commenting on the post!

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