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The 7 Best Cricket Sledges of All Time

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Looking for inspiration for your Saturday matches?

I have been both victim and perpetrator of many sledges throughout my village career, therefore I've decided to make a list of the 7 best cricket sledges of all time in ranked order.

7. Merv Hughes to Robin Smith

England Batsman Robin Smith was having trouble finding the middle of the bat against the Australian great.

Hughes stared him down and bellowed "Mate if you just turn the bat over you'll find the instructions on the other side."

6. James Anderson to Mitchel Johnson

The battle between Anderson and Johnson is often quoted as one of the great Ashes moments.

When Anderson was struggling to pick up wickets in the Perth Test match, Johnson reminds him that he has been quiet since his form seems to have dipped shouting Why are you chirping now mate, not getting any wickets?

Unfortunately for Johnson, Anderson takes the wicket of his batting partner Harris the next ball and proceeds to 'shush' Johnson. Classic.

Watch below as Anderson and Johnson battle it out in Perth.

5. Ian Healy to Arjuna Ranatunga

The Australian's were struggling to obtain the wicket of Arjuna Ranatunga of Sri Lanka.

Running out of ideas Ian Healy shouted "Put a Mars Bar on a good length and that should do it!".

4. Daryll Cullinan to Shane Warne

Shane Warne suffered a similar fate to Ranatunga. Cullinan notoriously struggled against Warne's bowling.

So when Cullinan came out to bat against Warne for the first time in a while Warne couldn't help himself "I've been waiting two years for another chance to humiliate you". Cullinan quickly replied, "Looks like you spent it eating..."

3. Merv Hughes to Javed Miandad

During the Adelaide Test Match between Australia and Pakistan in 1991, Merv had targeted Miandad as soon as he came into bat.

After being wound up by the famous Merv stare, Miandad said "Merv you are a big, fat bus conductor". Only a few balls later Merv dismissed Miandad, ran past him and shouted: "Tickets please!".

See Merv's version of events below:

2. Viv Richards to Greg Thomas

Most players knew not to sledge Viv Richards. Thomas did not.

In a county game where Richards was struggling to find his form at the crease, Thomas described the ball to Richards "It's red, round and weighs about five ounces, in case you were wondering." Richards walloped the next ball out of the ground and replied, "You know what it looks like, now you go and find it."

1. Andrew Flintoff to Tino Best

Andrew Flintoff was never shy on a cricket field, this often worked in his favour. In a test match with the West Indies, Tino Best persistently tried to slog Ashley Giles out of the ground.

This led Flintoff to chirp, "Mind the windows, Tino." Best ignores this advice and dances down the wicket, swiping at thin air a few balls later and getting stumped much to Freddie's amusement.

Watch Freddie at his best below:

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Are there any great sledges that you think we have missed? Want to see who made it into my All-Time Test XI? See the Blog HERE!

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